Present Day - Supporting Living Artists: Living Treasures … nearly 100 small works by 30 artists working in the present day.

As a gallery we strongly believe in supporting living artists, so are delighted to be showing unique small pieces by 30 artists. On display will be approximately 100 pieces of work no larger than 40cm in height. 


Pippa Blake

Helen Blake

Julian Brown

Stephen Chambers RA

Celia Cook

Lawrence Dicks

Charlotte Edsell

Stephen Farthing RA

Jeremy Gardiner

Christopher Gee

Lindy Guinness

Marilyn Hallam

David Harkins

John Harmer

Clyde Hopkins

Alice Kettle

Irene Lees

Rob Lyon

Briony Marshall

Calum McClure

Mali Morris RA

Grace O’Connor

Cathie Pilkington RA

Anne Rothenstein

Giorgia Siriaco

Katie Sollohub

Olivia Stanton

Almuth Tebbenhoff

Peter Waldron

Silvy Weatherall