Anne Rothenstein British, b. 1949

"Anne Rothenstein has mastered a technique that is in conversation with the emotional language of Francis Bacon and the unassuming spontaneity of Outsider art. Her paintings give value to the weight of thought itself, embodied as much in the space between her androgynous, brooding protagonists, as anything else – a chair, a lamp, a window, an animal, the way the light falls" - Deborah Levy, 2017


After working for ten years as an actor, Rothenstein has been painting full-time since 1982, exhibiting regularly across London, and for the last two years has regularly designed covers for the London Review of Books.


Growing up in a community of artists in the Essex village of Great Bardfield, Rosthenstein comes from a family of artists and creators. Her father was the late Michael Rothenstein, the print-maker, and her mother is Duffy Ayres the painter. Her grandfather was William Rothenstein who ran the Royal College of Art and served as an official British war artist. Her uncle, John was a Director of the Tate Gallery, and her brother, Julian, is a designer and founder of the Redstone Press. She is married to the film director Stephen Frears and they have two children.