Silvy Weatherall British

In 1987, Silvy studied at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts for a B.A (Hons) degree in Fine Art (painting). Silvy has exhibited in a number of group exhibitions and had solo shows in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Scotland. Silvy has released a large number of commissions. In December 2013 Silvy received the VAACMA Award for artistic development. This facilitated a taxidermy course with Scotland’s preeminent taxidermist George Jamieson. 


Silvy has made Vanquish for our Good Nature exhibition, this is what she has written about the piece;

"In the age of violent crime and terrorism, we are all searching for ways to cope with and respond to the desperate events that occur around us. Good will prevail over evil. Love will overcome hate. Beauty will beat brutality.

Nature responds in its own way to our current environmental issues. Pollution is threatening the oceans, the climate and the world at large. We may well blame nature for wreaking havoc in recent natural disasters but it could also be seen as a backlash for what we have thrown at her. We will be the losers unless we pay attention and respect it. In the future we may well suffocate and drown in our own man made dystopian nightmare.

I see my work as an “good natured” analogy for all that is going on around us whether it is social or environmental. I have rendered this gun useless by dressing it with the plumage of its prey, the predator is emasculated by it’s own quarry. Wrapped and suffocated by it’s new skin, it is mocked and wrecked by its victim. The beauty of the pheasant feathers has overcome the brutality of the weapon, rather like the jungle takes over and envelops a ruined city, that same city that felled the jungle in the first place."