Isolated Observations: 16 artists make 4 works in 4 weeks in response to this time, in aid of Winston’s Wish.

16 artists make 4 works in 4 weeks in response to this time with 100% of gallery profits donated to Winston’s Wish




Who are the invisible victims of this time? There are likely to be many, but amongst the particularly vulnerable are children who have been bereaved. Children who have lost a sibling or a parent are particularly anxious at this time, fearing they might loose another. Winston’s Wish is a charity doing essential work supporting bereaved children all over the country. 


16 artists were invited to make 4 works in 4 weeks. They were invited to make work that would record their personal response of this time, to do what artists do best, to share their thoughts and their experience.  The artists represent a varied cross-section of ages, the youngest being 33 and the oldest nearly 80, and live across the UK, from the Brighton to Glasgow.  This increases the range of experiences recorded in the work.


The work is now made and themes have emerging; 

•  The coming together of communities. 

•  Empty space; in some cases a yearning for it, in others a fear of it.

•  Views from windows and observation of neighbours and neighbourhoods. 

•  The minutiae of domesticity, the tedium of small spaces and keeping them in order.
•  An appreciation of objects often overlooked, from home appliances to easels.   

•  The optimism of Nature

•  Depictions of isolation


“Candida has been typically proactive in supporting both her artists and bereaved children through this wonderful initiative.  The feelings of isolation and abandonment are all too familiar for children who have experienced the death of a parent, and we at Winston’s Wish are very grateful for this support so that Winston’s Wish can continue to do our best to help.” Duchess of Richmond, President of Winston's Wish



100% of gallery profits will be donated to Winston’s Wish.


Funds raised will be donated to the charity to help them run their national helpline at this incredibly difficult time for bereaved children who, because of isolation, find themselves cut off from their usual support networks  and because of the nature of the news are experiencing particularly high levels of anxiety around the issues of loss. 


The exhibition will go live online on Monday 1st June and By Appointment in the gallery from Wednesday 3rd June until the 27th June.


We would like to thank the artists involved;


Sara Berman -  Pippa Blake  -  Fred Coppin  -  Freya Douglas-Morris  -  Tinsel Edwards  -  Stephen Farthing RA  -  Nicola Green  -  Anne Kelly  -  Alice Kettle  -  Irene Lees  -  Rob Lyon  -  Calum McClure  -  Grace O’Connor  -  Anne Rothenstein  -  Giorgia Siriaco  -  Anthony Stevens