Anthony Stevens British, b. 1978

Born in Birmingham in 1978, Anthony Stevens has travelled widely around the UK and is now based in Brighton.


Anthony is a self-taught artist discovered by us through an involvement with the charity OutsideIn. Anthony uses his work as a form of therapy and self expression. Primarily, his work is about expressing and processing trauma and it’s after effects. He describes it as  “me dancing with my inner dynamics so that I can find a rhythm that is both constructive

and wonderful.”  Anthony is also a beautiful writer. Each piece has an important personal, social or political message, which Anthony tells with moving insights, generously shared. 


Anthony’s work is heavily influenced by his practise of Nichiren Buddhism and chanting ‘Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo’, especially the concept of ‘Nothing is wasted’. This has become manifest in his choosing to work primarily with scrap fabrics. By choosing to do this, he finds himself forced to look creatively and perceive potential in what may seem to be useless and beyond repair. This is in direct correlation with how he strives to perceive his life and experiences. He observes that, as with life, it is sometimes a painstaking and frustrating process, but ultimately he feels joy and satisfaction with the result.


In the past few years, Anthony has had both solo and group shows in London, Brighton and Frankfurt.