Fred Coppin, Light Speed

Wing Gallery, 4 Cromwell Place, SW7

Open Tues - Sat, 10 - 6pm

Open Sun, 10 - 4pm

Meet the Artist - 4-6pm, Thursday 10th Nov. 

This new body of work charts an important personal stage in the artist's life, as he moves into the domain of parenthood. Human relationships come to the fore, and we see connections between people and place form. The work conveys an underlying sense of human intimacy.  This is a collection to recognise, appreciate and capture this transformative time in life, the tension between wanting to move forward but wanting everything to stay still. Snapshots and flavours of youth - freedom, adventure, hugging, sleeping, dancing are all present. "I sometimes wish memories kept their vividness and didn’t just dissolve into the outline and the facts. Perhaps this is an attempt to keep the colour in those memories." Fred Coppin, October 2022. 


The territory of print making has long been on the artist's agenda, and here we present 5 editions of photopolymer etchings, a process that suits the artist's form of expression.