Autumn Program 2022

Autumn Program, 2022


6 - 18 September 

Olivia Stanton, solo show 

Green & Stone Gallery, London
(Private view, Tuesday 6 September, 6-8pm)


29 September – 2 October 

British Art Fair 
Saatchi Gallery, London

(5 figurative female artists in their 50’s-70s reflect on how we can serve and save our Planet and each other. Pippa Blake, Alice Kettle, Kerry Harding, Irene Lees and Olivia Stanton)


8 – 14 October

place – displace (mixed show), Chichester gallery

(3 artists living thousands of miles from their birth place demonstrate the enduring, deep influence of home. Charlotte Evans, Ben Crawford and Veronica Smirnoff)

(Private view, Saturday 8 October 2-4pm)


18 – 23 October

Pippa Blake, solo show

Cromwell Place, London 
(Private view, Tuesday 18 October)

29 October - 11 November
Pippa Blake, solo show
Chichester galllery.
(Private view, Saturday 29 October 2-4pm)


8 – 13 November

Fred Coppin, solo show

place – displace (mixed show) Ben Crawford, Charlotte Evans, Veronica Smirnoff.

Both Cromwell Place, London

By Appointment from 19 November
Water & Ways  (mixed show), Chichester gallery. 
To include work by living artists Pippa Blake, Jeremy Gardiner, Kerry Harding, Katharine Le Hardy and Calum McClure, and post war aritsts to include Jean Cooke RA, Ivon HItchens and Paul Nash

(We are away at Miami Art Fair 29 Nov - 5 Dec)



As we increase our presence in London the Chichester gallery will be open by appointment outside of published Chichester exhibitions.  We can install work for viewings on request in both London and Chichester, please feel welcome to contact us to discuss.