JUNE 2015

THE CUT - Saturday 13 June to Wednesday 15 July 2015 


'The Cut' refers to the technique used by the four exhibiting artists. Charlotte Hodes is well known for her exquisite paper-cuts, Julian Meredith for his impressive wood cuts, Jane McAdam Freud for her work using chicken wire to represent struggle and entrapment, Richard Fox for his sycamore and bronze sculptures and John D Piper for his dry-point etchings, effectively metal cuts. This exhibition will educate the audience on the artistic processes as well as show a stunning range of original work. 


Featured artists; Richard Fox, Charlotte Hodes, Julian Meredith, Jane McAdam Freud and John D Piper



Mirrors to Windows: The Artist as Woman


Following a sold out preview screening at the Royal Academy of the Arts for International Women’s Day, We are delighted to present Mirrors to Windows: The Artist as Woman, a documentary film by Emmy and Peabody award-winning filmmaker Susan Steinberg. After three years filming behind the gallery walls, Mirrors to Windows takes you on an intimate but fast-paced journey into the lives of three generations of international artists all living and working in London. Moving the lens between art and life the film reveals the dynamic and multifaceted story of this enigmatic calling.

Artists featuring in Mirrors to Windows: The Artist as Woman: Maliheh Afnan, Alice Anderson, Helaine Blumenfeld OBE, Jodie Carey, Susan Collins, Nermine Hamman, Charlotte Hodes, Sarah Lederman, Almuth Tebbenhoff and Rose Wylie RA.

In three acts, this fast-paced documentary feature puts the lens between art and life to reveal the dynamic and multi-faceted story of this enigmatic calling. In the negotiation between art and life, the artist emerges. 

Act 1 – Reflections in the Mirror 

Act 2 – Breaking through Glass 

Act 3 – The Artist Emerges