Suzanne Knight Australian, b. 1964

The work of Suzanne Knight depicts still life images of objects, vessels, food and memories. Her practice considers and comments on; Domesticity and feminine containment vs the uncontained; Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary; Environmental concerns of waste, plastic, landfill and recycling; Interest in what is beyond or between- beyond the tablecloth or through the bush or between the sea and the shore or beyond language or between cross-cultural experiences.


Her work is concerned with happens when we aren’t contained, when we seep into the environment or the cultivated, contained and domestic becomes wild. In her art nature persists and utilises the man-made for its own purposes and, she hopes, raises environmental awareness and reminds us to take global responsibility.


Having completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Printmaking) 1992 and a Master of Visual Arts (by Research) 1996 from the Australian National University (ANU), School of Art, she taught printmaking and drawing at the ANU School of Art and Northern Territory University in Darwin. In 1994 she was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship and in 2002 an Australia Council Asialink artist-in-residence to travel to Japan for 3 months and undertake training in Japanese woodblock printing and papermaking. In 2023 she will attend a 3 month artist-in-residency at Territory Craft, Darwin. She has exhibited solo and group shows throughout Australia- and in Japan, USA, UK, Poland, New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia.