Kerry Harding British, b. 1972

Kerry Harding is a landscape artist rooted in the traditions of Romanticism. Living in Cornwall, Harding sees the same paths, horizons and trees day after day. For this exhibition, Weathering the Storm, she has painted a series of coastal landscapes, featuring a range of trees found in the north Cornwall landscape. It is the longevity, the history, the endurance that gives these trees their sculpted quality. Harding says “I like the symbolism of weathering the storm, standing alone for decades, bending but not submitting to what is thrown at them. They are constants in my life here, seen every day so this symbolism is reassuring on many levels - personal, societal, political, environmental.”


Kerry Harding’s landscape paintings are heavily involved with process, the manipulation of paint, working and reworking the canvas in an almost unconscious manner until that sublime moment of sensory response to abstract shape and colour, when the emerging image asserts its own meaning.  The half remembered, half imagined, familiar places. 


Kerry Harding is a visiting tutor at St Ives School of Painting.  She holds a BA in Fine Art from Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University (1991-94) and an MA in painting from Falmouth (2000-03).