Daisy Cook b. 1965

Landscape artist, Daisy Cook, aims at capturing the experience of place within the abstract imaginings of her work. Her "internal landscapes", as she descibes them, are much less concerned with reproducing those geographical details of a place, but rather evoking its spirit, the "emotional responses of the natural world". The meeting point of land, sea and sky have often been a focus of her art. Honing in on the subtleties of surface, depth, texture and light, which she explores by dragging, dripping and pouring oil paint onto canvas.  


Her work has been exhibited widely in London in both solo and group exhibitions, and is part of a number of large corporate collections including the Bank of England.


“Cook aims at capturing the experience of being in a particular landscape or of swimming in its waters. Her paintings resemble thresholds, veils of colour and light filtered through a memory.” - London Magazine