Cecilia Charlton

29 April - 8 May 2021

SPOTLIGHT on Cecilia Charlton's Triple-Layer Gather Gusset Series.


Triple-layer refers to the three generations involved in the making of these works.

Cecilia’s grandmother, born in Iowa, USA in 1924, developed a passion for sewing that drove her to pursue an MA degree in textiles. Cecilia’s mother inherited her grandmother’s deep passion and curiosity about textiles making clothes for the entire family and working on both private and public projects involving this skill. Now Cecilia and her sister continue this fascination, the third generation, hence triple-layer. At the age of 9 Cecilia made her first sampler on a long car journey, an experience that taught her patience, attentiveness, diligence, key traits to the work she makes today. 


All works are £485 unframed. Here are some examples of how to group the pieces, both framed and unframed.