What we learnt from this month’s New York auctions

Melanie Gerlis, Financial Times, Life & Arts, May 26, 2019

Catch the work of Irene Lees with a mention here in the Financial Times. Her exhibition Below The Surface was held at Candida Stevens Gallery from 13 April - 11 May, and her work was featured at Draw Art Fair in the Saatchi Gallery, 15 - 19 May.


"Shining through were older female practitioners who dedicated themselves to their art once the responsibilities of motherhood were behind them. These include Pippa Young, 60, who graduated in fine art seven years ago, and whose work at the booth of Edinburgh’s Arusha gallery sold to existing and new collectors (£950-£10,000). Gallerist Candida Stevens reported sales of works (£750-£2,900) by Irene Lees, who studied fine art in her sixties and is now 75."