Good Figures: An exhibition of the female form depicted by 30 contemporary female artists

Studio International, March 4, 2015
Thirty contemporary female artists, ranging in age from 24 to 82, celebrate the enduring appeal of the female form in everything from photography to drawing, ceramics, film and sculpture

The curator of Good Figures, Candida Stevens, founder of Tint-Art, sought to address the diverse activity among contemporary female artists. The ages of the 30 artists in the exhibition range from 24 to 82, and their work includes painting, photography, drawing, ceramics, film and sculpture. All were asked why they portrayed the female form, and their responses are published in the catalogue that accompanies the show. In her foreword to the catalogue, Anna McNay highlights the sad state of affairs in the contemporary art world, where women artists continue to struggle, “to bring women artists, past and present, on to an equal footing with their male counterparts, in terms of recognition, exposure, and even just pay”...


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