Giorgia Siriaco, Slowing Down

Influenced by her immediate surroundings; the light, the seasons, the often overlooked details of a place, Giorgia strives for, and achieves, balance in shape and colour.  She intuitively builds up and strips away at her paintings until she can articulate a sensation. Giorgia works in mixed media, using a combination of clay paint, house paint, pens and pencils, gold leaf and paper to create pieces that have a timeless colour palette and rich, organic quality.  


A research scientist by day, with a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Giorgia’s art is a meeting place of strong and delicate, with a lightness to mark-making underlaid by a strong structure to the whole, something that she points out is repeated in our lives. This body of work is a reminder to slow down, remember to look, to notice, to pause, to appreciate.