Our pick of this week’s art events: 18 – 25 March

Daisy Schofield, Royal Academy, March 18, 2016
Catch Grace O'Connor's show One Day in June featured as one of the Royal Academy's best art events of the weEK.

The exhibition is on at Paul Stolper Gallery, London, until 22 April.


"Grace O’Connor’s lyrical painting series records an afternoon the artist spent with an unnamed musician she had admired since childhood. These reproductions of fanciful memories imply that subtle and seemingly arbitrary moments in time are often the ones that resonate the most. The hazy imprecision of the brushwork and often muted palette reflects the uncertainty of these memories, which often veer into the realm of imagination. O’Connor takes both loaded and mundane gestures (from a hand on a hip to the pulling up of a sock) as her subject, giving them equal weight in a narrative which blurs the line between reality and unreality".