'In Seven Days . . .' by Nicola Green

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

'In Seven Days . . .' at Walker Art Gallery

18 Jan 2013—14 Apr 2013


This exhibition told the story of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign in seven iconic silkscreen prints by Nicola Green who followed Obama and his campaign team across America as this historic journey unfolded.


With unprecedented access for a British artist, Nicola immersed herself in Obama’s campaign during six trips to the USA. Her visits, as well as the themes in this story, are distilled within seven powerful images.


Light is the first in the series and represents the beginning of the story; Struggle is the history of the campaign; Hope the characters involved; Change the main protagonist; Fear conveys the obstacles encountered; Sacrifice/Embrace an ambiguous resolution, and Peace a conclusive hope for the future.


'In Seven Days…' has a neutral political stance. Nicola says: “The work is a deconstruction of what hope really is; a reflection on what future generations can take from this moment in history.”


There is also a deeply personal motive behind the work. Nicola is the mother of boys of diverse heritage and was pregnant with her second child when Obama began his campaign. Nicola said: “It seemed natural and important to me that I should make a portrait of Obama, not least because when I looked at my sons I saw his face in theirs, saw their hope and their future.”


This was the first European display of these stunning prints and each was accompanied by a selection of the ephemera, including Nicola’s drawings and photographs, that informed the work.

January 15, 2014