Siriaco & Sollohub; Summer: Giorgia Siriaco and Katie Sollohub

The halcyon days of summer are upon us and from 21st July we will be basking in the soft hues and tones that evoke the season with the beautiful work of Giorgia Siriaco and Katie Sollohub.  Each complements the other with their inquisitive interpretations of our interior and exterior worlds. 


Sollohub creates serendipitous scenes looking through windows into verdant gardens beyond and joyous still life works that capture how we express ourselves thorough our interior worlds. Whilst, Siriaco takes us outdoors and has us looking right inside nature itself, deep into the structures of plants and seeds. Here she beautifully observes and interprets the organic patterns, quintessential shapes and pleasing palette of our natural spaces.


SUMMER is especially fitting at this abundant time of year and will run for a month from 21stJuly to 18thAugust but please note our seasonal opening times; Thursday, Friday and Saturday only. 



The gallery invites visitors of all ages to get curious and to come along to our opening where each artist will give a short demonstration and talk about their practice.  Peer through the microscopic eye of researcher and molecular biologist Giorgia Siriaco as she describes her interpretation of what nature has created and Katie Sollohub who teaches at Pallant House and West Dean will be demonstrating her drawing practice.